Devotions Sub-Section

Simplicity of Faith

One of the most unusual evangelistic meetings that I’ve ever conducted took place in the Moscow airport. We were on our way to Siberia for evangelistic meetings when the airlines told us that our flight was delayed for three hours. Then we were told... read more

Vladimir’s Compassion

I would like to introduce you a friend named Vladimir. When I first met him, he was a relatively new Christian with a deep love for God and great love for people. Vladimir’s compassion for people is a continual challenge for me. He shares the love o... read more

Revival Bring Victory

A number of years ago, I heard a pastor say that he would often meet his parishioners on the street and found them looking gloomy and defeated. He would greet them with the typical, “How are you?” Often they responded, “Okay, under the c... read more

Surprised by God

If I could give a synopsis of my testimony it would be Surprised by God. Many years ago I really had no spiritual interest. I had been selected as one of thirty high school students from Louisiana to study at the United Nations in New York City. I entered... read more

Absolute Truth

  When I came to know Christ, I immediately wanted my friends to know the peace I had found in Him. Some of my friends had just returned from Vietnam with their minds messed up. Others returned crippled, and a few just never returned. It was really a... read more

A Lamp and a Light

As I’ve traveled around the world to proclaim the message of Christ, I’ve discovered that there’s a great battle raging for the hearts and minds of this generation. At the center of that battle is truth. Two kingdoms are in conflict. The... read more


Quite often I am asked how and why I began traveling internationally. It all began in 1970 in a high crime area of Chicago. My wife Tex and I were living in the ghettos and ministering to young people on the streets of that great city. Every morning we wo... read more