Devotions Sub-Section

Joshua Learns God’s Strategy

Several years ago I was visiting with two young men from Nagaland, a northeastern region of India. God had moved in a mighty way in the region sending revival to the area. Almost the entire population of the region had come to faith in Christ. The Holy Sp... read more

Sounds of Silence

Normally, this is a devotional about the making of a man or woman of God. However, today, I’m going to veer off that path and share with you something very personal that God did in my life. On November 11, 1999, I visited a medical specialist who wo... read more

Moses Meets God

In the life of every great leader there is a defining moment. Without that defining moment, people have a difficult time following the leader because they don’t understand him. It’s difficult for them to comprehend what makes the leader tick &... read more