Devotions Sub-Section

The Surrendered Life

A friend of mine once asked a Christian leader from Romania why the church in the Western world had lost its power with God and with man. The Romanian Christian leader answered with what I believe is one of the great root problems within the church. He fi... read more

Renewing Your Heart

What is the key to running the spiritual race with endurance? Why do so many Christians burn out? Join Sammy in this three-minute devotional video where Real Life in Christ is explored.

Running Hills

We all experience difficulties in life. How do you handle the trials in your daily walk? Today’s video devotion looks deeply into how each of us can overcome and triumph through the hills of our lives.

Healing Our Injuries

Are you running on the path of life that God has for you? Or are you running down a crooked path? Watch this video on following God’s path and how He can heal you from injuries that you’ve obtained along the way.