Family Sub-Section

Introduction to Legacy

Family 18: Couples for Christ – Introduction to Legacy Legacy, a conversation about family life, was first broadcast in 2006 by Sammy Tippit Ministries. Now, these timeless truths are being republished . In this session, Sammy and Tex Tippit and Dav... read more

Failure in the Family Pt. 4

In this session, we hear the conclusion of the testimony of a pastor in leadership who failed – was seeking revival but sought it for his own gain. Sammy brings some added thoughts to consider how God turns a failure into success for His Kingdom.

Failure in the Family Pt. 5

Sammy notes that many Christians live as great pretenders – playing a game of cover-up. No marriage can become what God means it to be without having to go through stages similar to what the pastor went through. The Walkers and Tippits continue that... read more

Failure in the Family Pt. 6

As the Tippits and Walkers discuss failure in the family, they talk about those Christians who are in leadership. Leadership can sometimes be a lonely place. Leaders need support – from within the family, from their peers and from the whole body of ... read more