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The Tippit GPS

Once we began to seriously explore the plausibility of actually doing a Round the World trip, Kelly and I both knew, from learning the hard way, that we needed some sort of higher purpose for planning this trip beyond all the pragmatic reasons. Having bee... read more

Brazil 1999 Report

Inspiring Stories in the Americas: Brazil 1999 Report In 1999, Sammy Tippit and 700 other Americans shared the gospel of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro. At the end of the week of ministry, Sammy Tippit preached to the Brazilians in the largest stadium in ... read more

An Incredible Three Months

Inspiring Stories In God’s Kingdom – An Incredible Three Months Over a time period of three months in the spring of 1999, Sammy Tippit saw God move in an incredible way. Watch and listen as Sammy gives testimony to that report.