Broken Relationships & Prayer

My wife and I made a commitment many years ago to never go to bed with a heartfelt disagreement between us. Most of the time we have kept that commitment. However, there have been times when we haven’t kept it. Early in our marriage we had a disagre... read more

Reminding God

Pastor Jim Cymbala challenges believers to remind God of the promises He’s made to us. His passionate message teaches believers how to claim God’s promises for our lives and families. His story will inspire the listener to go before the throne... read more

Joshua Learns God’s Strategy

Several years ago I was visiting with two young men from Nagaland, a northeastern region of India. God had moved in a mighty way in the region sending revival to the area. Almost the entire population of the region had come to faith in Christ. The Holy Sp... read more

The Joseph Willis Story

There are some stories that a writer would love to tell, but occasionally a story comes along that an author is compelled to relate to others. The Joseph Willis story falls into the latter category. His life is one of the most intriguing that I’ve ever ... read more

Holy Spirit

Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me (Psalm 51:11 NIV). When Jesus commissioned His disciples to make disciples of all nations, He told them to baptize those new believers in the name of the “Father, Son and Holy Spirit... read more

Loving Your Wife

With the NBA playoffs in full swing, be sure to check out Sammy’s five minute interview with NBA head coach Monty Williams. Coach Williams reminds husbands why loving  our wives is our greatest calling as faithful family men. 

Simplicity of Faith

One of the most unusual evangelistic meetings that I’ve ever conducted took place in the Moscow airport. We were on our way to Siberia for evangelistic meetings when the airlines told us that our flight was delayed for three hours. Then we were told... read more

Renewing Your Heart

What is the key to running the spiritual race with endurance? Why do so many Christians burn out? Join Sammy in this three-minute devotional video where Real Life in Christ is explored.

The Humility of Family

Having been married now for close to eighteen years, God has blessed our home with three children, two beautiful girls and one amazing little boy. Being a daddy has never been all that easy, but it has always been rewarding beyond measure. The colossal as... read more