Faith Molded by Adversity

It’s difficult to describe the pain of unexpectedly losing someone close to you. I’ve had three very close friends die in freak accidents. Each one of the deaths produced deep hurt in my heart, but they also caused a cumulative impact on my emotions. ... read more

Honoring Your Father

Kirsta Leeburg Melton ran the original Greek Marathon in memory of her father, who challenged Sammy Tippit to run the race. Listen to her story and watch her finish the race in memory of her dad. It’s a moving story of a woman who honored her father by ... read more

Words of Wisdom

In my study at home I have seventy-five frames, which litter almost every inch of my four walls. For each one of these seventy-five frames I have chosen a different person throughout the ages who has inspired me with their life or their writings. I have t... read more