The Power to Forgive

As I wrote Twice a Slave, I was forced to consume numerous documents on the life of Joseph Willis. One great truth jumped off the pages of those records, grabbed my heart, and flooded my soul – the power to forgive. One of the first goals I needed to ac... read more

Parental Prayers

Not since the birth of Armenianism versus Calvinism has there been such a bitter divide in Christianity. Ok, so I may be exaggerating just a touch. But being a parent today means you automatically have to choose sides. It’s Dr. Sears or Baby Wise; Dr. D... read more

A Mysterious Wind

The wind picked up, and the rain fell. Soon it turned into a torrential downpour as a hurricane blew through south Louisiana. It’s one of those instances you never forget. The feel of the wind, the sounds of nature, and the ominous clouds gave the momen... read more

Birthday Wishes

This coming week in the Tippit family we will celebrate three different birthdays. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday we will celebrate the birth of our of two beautiful girls and my wonderful wife. Around our house, we call this time of year, Christmas in Ju... read more