Main Section

Peter’s Passion and Desire

In this part, Sammy is joined by Peter Kasarivu, president of African Renewal Ministries. Sammy asks Peter a key question .. “What’s your passion and desire?” Listen to how Peter answers that question.  

Renewal in Africa

In this final part, Peter Kasarivu (president of African Renewal Ministries) and Sammy continue to discuss renewal in Africa. They recall going into Rwanda in 1995 together and experiencing the difficult times encountered during that situation. Often, thi... read more

Overcoming Busyness – Pt. 1

In this session of Renewal, Sammy and Elliot Williams discuss a situation that we all face as Christians .. busyness, often times called a thief. This message will be both encouraging and convicting at the same time.

Overcoming Busyness – Pt. 2

In part two, Sammy and Elliot Williams discuss what it takes to love Jesus .. and it starts with priorities. Sammy shares a video testimony of what God did in his life to bring that realization and understanding to him.

Overcoming Busyness – Part 3

In part two, Sammy began a video testimony of what God did in his life. Sammy concludes that video here and expands on the things that God showed him during that time.