Sammy is producing video and written materials to train leaders in Revival and Evangelism. STM presently has produced materials in Urdu (major language in Pakistan), two Indian languages, Portuguese, and English. He believes a new generation needs to be raised up with a vision and passion to reach the world for Christ.

Sammy states, “God has given us favor with Christian leaders in some of the most strategic nations in the world – places like Brazil, several nations in Africa and India. They are emerging with growing economies. At the same time, they are also emerging spiritually. The evangelical movement is growing rapidly in those nations. God has placed it on my heart to leverage the relationships that we have by multiplying evangelists in those countries.” STM hopes to have materials in numerous languages within the next few years.

In August, STM is bringing several translators to Kenya to translate Sammy’s training on Revival and Evangelism. By having this translation work done, STM will be able to train East African Christian leaders to do the work of evangelism in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, and Congo.

The total cost to impact this entire East African region with much needed evangelism training material costs $10,000. If you would like to be a part of this exciting opportunity to affect an entire region of Africa for all of eternity, feel free to contribute any amount God’s lays on your heart. CLICK HERE

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