India is a beautiful mystery of a country that has captured many people’s hearts and imaginations. It is the largest democracy in the world, yet is still in the paradoxical process of forming into what it is destined to become. God has called Sammy to minister in this diverse country during these formative years of what it is becoming.

In January of 2015, Sammy will be conducting a trifecta of ministries in the vast and strategic nation. Sammy will conduct training of evangelists, conferences for pastors, and hold a large evangelistic meeting in the Southern and Northern regions of India. STM is praying for flaming evangelists to be raised up and Christian leaders revived during his visit. We’re also praying for many people to come to know Christ.

This is such a strategic time in the life of this burgeoning democracy. We believe God wants to bring many into His kingdom during these days. The total cost associated with these various Indian outreaches is $20,000. If you would like to be a part of these various strategic outreaches, which will take place both in Northern and Southern India, feel free to contribute any amount God lays on your heart.  CLICK HERE

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