Pastoral Training has become one of the staples of Sammy Tippit Ministries. Though, Sammy has obviously been called to be an evangelist, he strongly believes that the church is where hope, healing and wholeness can become realized in person’s journey with Christ. As a result, he has committed himself over the past four decades to training and equipping pastors for ministry.

Having been a pastor himself for eight years he knows firsthand the challenges that many pastors face. He believes that through a call to personal awakening and prayer, pastor’s lives can be forever changed. One of Sammy Tippit Ministries lasting legacies over the past few decades has been the dozens upon dozens of pastoral conferences STM has put on all over the world.

Sammy remains committed to this calling of encouraging, challenging and equipping pastors from around the globe for their particular calling. Please continue to pray with Sammy that pastors who have a heart for God and others are encouraged in their personal walks and ministries.

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    • I was present at a meeting, wher I received a copy of Twice A Slave. The name of Joseph Willis was a name I had heard but could not place. I felt a strong connection and was drawn to him as I read the book. In the end and in the back of the book, I read he had established Amiable Baptist Church, the first church I Pastored. There God anointed my calling, I thank God and you for the book. I pray for your ministry and your back. Thanks and God Bless.

      Daniel Gene Stanley

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