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Episode 3 – Dr. Chuck Kelley

An interview with Dr. Chuck Kelley, President of New Orleans  Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Kelley shares key insights for the decline of evangelism in churches today. He coins a term “disciplism” to give a solution to the evangelism crisis.

Episode 8 – Husband Wife Relationships

In this episode Sammy & Tex welcome Dr. David Walker and his wife Shirley Walker to discuss the various dynamics and layers that are present in healthy husband wife relationships. They draw on Biblical principles and personal experiences that have helped to shape their relationship with their spouse. Be sure to check out this candid […]

Episode 8 – Interview with Dave Butts – part 2

Sammy Tippit and Dave Butts, chairman of the U.S. National Prayer Committee continue their discussion on prayer. They delve into those things that hinder our prayer lives and show us how to overcome those obstacles. It’s a must listen for anyone wanting to grow in their prayer lives.

Episode 2 – Dr. Robert Coleman part 2

In part two of Sammy’s interview with Dr. Robert Coleman, they discuss his Christian classic book entitled The Master Plan of Evangelism. They delve into Jesus’ approach to evangelism and discipleship. Exciting principles and examples of how to implement this in any cultural context are discussed as well. Dr. Coleman taught at Asbury Theological Seminary […]

Episode 7 – Interview with Dave Butts part 1

Sammy Tippit interviews Dave Butts, chairman of the U.S. National Prayer Committee. They discuss the nature of prayer and the exciting possibilities that prayer produces. The interview explains the reasons prayer is so powerful.

Episode 1 – Dr. Robert Coleman

Sammy Tippit interviews Dr. Robert Coleman, author of the Christian classic, The Master Plan of Evangelism. Dr. Coleman taught for 27 years at Asbury Theological Seminary and then directed the School of World Mission and Evangelism at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School for 18 years. They discuss the nature of revival and evangelism and how the […]

Episode 7 – Persistent Prayer For Your Family

In this episode of Ignite Your Family Life, Sammy shares a personal testimony of his praying grandmother and the profound impact it had not only his life but generations yet to come. Be encouraged, inspired and learn why persisting in prayer for your family has eternal value.

Episode 6 – Praying for your Children

The greatest gift you will ever give to your children is your prayers. Sammy and Tex Tippit discuss how they prayed for their children as they were growing up and the long-term impact it made on them. Today’s podcast may be the most important truth you’ll learn about helping your children.

Episode 6 – Interview with Bill Elliff

Sammy Tippit discusses with Bill Elliff, Pastor of The Summit Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, the nature of a spiritual awakening. You will be challenged in this dynamic discussion of personal and corporate renewal as Pastor Elliff shares about a move of God in his church.

Preview of Ignite Your Passion Podcast

Does your heart long to bring others to Christ. Do you want to see a revival of evangelism in the church? If you do, you will find help and inspiration in this Ignite Your Passion podcast. International evangelist and author Sammy Tippit describes the launch of this new podcast. He will bring helpful interviews with key Christian leaders and […]