Sammy Tippit has written and been co-author of 14 books. He was co-author of Sammy Tippit – God’s Love in Action, which was the first book written by bestselling author, Jerry B. Jenkins. After writing four books with Jenkins, he began writing numerous non-fiction books on his own.

Many of those books have been translated into more than twenty languages. Sammy Tippit – God’s Love in Action has been updated as God’s Secret Agent. Sammy’s book, The Prayer Factor, is the most translated book of all his works, and it was the first Christian book translated into the Mongolian language inside the nation of Mongolia. The Prayer Factor and Fire in Your Heart, two of Sammy’s earlier books, were bestsellers among Christian books in Brazil. All of his books have followed the theme of renewal in the lives of Christians.

Sammy made a decision to write fiction in 2012 and immediately gave himself to learning the craft. His first fiction book, Twice a Slave, was chosen in 2013 as part of the Jerry B. Jenkins Select Line of books and released in May 2014. Twice a Slave is a part of The Louisiana Wind fiction series. Twice a Slave highlights the injustice of slavery in U.S. history and is based on the true story of a Cherokee slave, Joseph Willis. His second in the series will highlight modern day slavery – human trafficking. Both books are laced with the theme of personal revival and are tied to a riveting story.

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