When Jesus taught His disciples, He often illustrated truths through stories. God has given Sammy a vision to follow His example by sharing stories that describe the burden of his heart and the work of his life.

The first attempt at this has been the newly released novel, Twice a Slave. Sammy and his co-author, Randy Willis, have produced a historical fiction account of the life of Joseph Willis, a half Cherokee and half white slave who became the first Protestant preacher west of the Mississippi River. It’s a fascinating story filled with intrigue and will inspire the reader to seek God for a mighty outpouring of His Spirit. Louisiana College is producing a theatrical production based on the book. It will be performed in November 2014.

Twice a Slave is only the beginning of Sammy’s story telling and is a part of the Louisiana Wind series about revival set in Louisiana. The second book is already in the making and will hopefully come out in 2015.

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