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Season 2 Ep.2 The Death of Jesus & Prayer

On the Around the World segment this week we are taken back to 1990 in Romania, right after the collapse of communism there. A news report explains how God brought down the collapse of communism through the prayers of his people. It is an amazing testimony of the power of prayer. Sammy then dives into […]

Season 2 Ep.1 What is Prayer?

In this opening episode of season 2 a new segment entitled around the world is introduced. It takes listeners to places around the world that God has moved in special ways. In this episode you will be encouraged by the testimonies you hear of the revival that God sent to Monroe, Louisiana during the Jesus […]

S2 E1 – Season 2 Preview of Ignite Your Faith

Sammy Tippit Ministries is kicking off a new season of Ignite Your Faith. These new weekly podcasts are all centered around renewal, revival, igniting your passion for Christ, sharing your faith and strengthening your family life. This season will have a variety of topics related to renewal and revival. Interviews from Christian leaders around the […]

E27 – Unrelenting Love with Matt Maceira

Matt was born into a family of a gang leader and drug dealer. As Matt began to grow up he so desired to have a father figure that he began to emulate his dad. That life led him into 14 stab wounds, two gunshot wounds, two explosions and a world of addiction. But a pastor […]

E26 – God’s Transforming Power with Josh Lair

Josh Lair shares his amazing story of God literally rescuing his life from serious addictions and time spent in prison. Josh’s open and honest account of how God used his past struggles to become his greatest area of strength in his ministry today and bring restoration to his life is compelling and insightful. You won’t […]

E25 – An Incredible Ethiopian Prayer Movement with Dr. Desta

An incredible prayer movement that is taking place in Ethiopia. You’ll hear how 22 generations of a witch doctor ceased with the gospel and how the place of worshiping the spirits has become a place where up to 100,000 Christians gather to seek God. This is a great story of how God is moving around the […]

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