God is at work all around the world. Many times all one hears about in the news is what is wrong with our world. In spite these dire reports a beautiful tapestry of God’s kingdom is being woven together today. The diversity of the expression of the Body of Christ around the globe has much to teach us.

Every Monday a new inspiring story from around the world will debut. One month these videos will come from stories that involve our African brothers and sisters; another month it will focus on what God is doing and has done in Europe; in a different month STM will explore the amazing testimonies of God’s goodness in the Middle East; while in yet another month these videos take you to far away lands in Asia; finally in months to come, several weeks worth of inspiring videos will tell the story of what God is doing in The Americas.

These video productions are not illustrations that are made into dramatic presentations, but they are dramatic true-life stories and situations from the life and ministry of Sammy Tippit, who has over forty years of adventures with Christ. You’ll hear stories and see footage from historical events such as the Romanian Revolution, the war in Burundi, and the genocide in Rwanda. You’ll discover the power for prayer and see how the gospel of Christ brings peace to warring tribes. Not only will you be inspired by some of the great historical works of God, but you will hear and see down to earth stories from our brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world.

Be sure to check in every Monday to be inspired and challenged by what God is doing in and through our brothers and sisters from around the globe.

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