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Sammy and Tex Tippit have been married for fifty-one years. Two years after they were married they established this ministry together, which has taken them to over 80 countries around the globe. Their heart beats as one, for the name and fame of Jesus to be known in all the nations of the world.

Sammy has been a leading voice among Christians around the world during the last few decades. He is currently preaching some of the largest evangelistic meetings in the world. He has proclaimed God’s message of peace in stadiums in war-torn Burundi, met with government and religious leaders shortly after the attempted genocide in Rwanda, and brought hope to persecuted believers in the former Soviet-bloc nations.

Tippit preached a historic evangelistic meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in March 1999, with over 300,000 people attending in four days. In May of that same year, he preached in Maracana, the world’s largest stadium, located in Rio de Janeiro. Not only did thousands come to Christ, but the event was attended and supported by the governor, vice governor, and mayor of the city and state.

Since 2016, Sammy Tippit preached evangelistic and discipleship training events in India, Pakistan, Africa, and South America via Skype technology. He has preached evangelistic events from his home to live audiences in India with up to 25,000 in attendance. He has created discipleship videos for social media pages for 12 language groups. The pages have an average of 6,500,000 views every month. He partnered with the Multiplying Church Movement in Brazil during May 2019 to provide a one-month video, audio and text curriculum. More than 1,000,000 people went through the daily Praying for Your Family series during the month. He has established partnerships with churches and ministries around the world and plans to train up to 10,000,000 Christians to share Christ with five friends and family members during May 2020.

The following are personal data highlights:

  • Born in 1947 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  • Participated in study group from Louisiana at the United Nations in 1964. He was awarded “Most Outstanding Youth Speaker in North America.”
  • Graduated from Istrouma High School in 1965.
  • Experienced his “conversion” to Christianity and call to ministry during August 1965.
  • Married to Debara “Tex” Sirman on June 8, 1968. The Tippits have two children, Dave and Renee, and five grandchildren.
  • Ordained as a Southern Baptist Minister in 1968.
  • Founded evangelistic organization, God’s Love In Action, in 1970. (Now called Sammy Tippit Ministries)
  • Began street ministry in high-crime district of Chicago in 1970, working with gangs, drug addicts, and troubled youth. Became known as leader of “Jesus Movement” in Chicago.
  • Traveled internationally to Germany for evangelistic youth rallies in 1971.
  • Collaborated with Jerry Jenkins (writer of Billy Graham’s best-selling autobiography, Just As I Am, and co-author of the best-selling fiction series, Left Behind) in 1972 on the biography of Sammy’s early life.
  • Infiltrated “Communist Youth World Fest” in 1973 and shared the gospel among the 100,000 youth gathered.
  • Traveled extensively in communist-dominated countries doing evangelistic ministry from 1973 – 1988. Preached first evangelistic stadium crusade in the history of Romania in May 1990.
  • Preached first Republic-wide evangelistic meetings in Moldova in September 1990.
  • Preached first evangelistic stadium meetings in numerous cities throughout Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Albania, and Moldova.
  • Preached first public outdoor evangelistic meetings in Mongolia in 1992.
  • Received honorary doctorates from Lancaster Bible College in 1993, Irpin Biblical Seminary in Kiev, Ukraine in 2016, and Bethel Univesity in South Bend, Indiana in 2019.
  • Preached evangelistic meeting in Rwanda shortly after the attempted genocide in 1994 and worked with leaders to bring Hutus and Tutsis together in a spirit of reconciliation. Preached in war-torn Burundi and met with peace negotiators in 1998.
  • Preached to 300,000 in four days in Ethiopia in 1999. Preached evangelistic meetings in Maracana, world’s largest stadium, in Rio de Janeiro in May 1999.
  • Authored and co-authored 17 books which have been translated into 16 languages.
  • Preached in Egypt and spoke to 120,000 people per night in 2001. Right after September 11, 2001, Sammy went to Khartoum, Sudan and preached the gospel.
  • Began television ministry in Iran in 2004. More than 6 million Iranians have watched his broadcasts.
  • Sammy has been speaking at national conferences on revival in America since 2001 and has expressed a burden to bring the message of revival in the nation.
  • Preached an evangelistic meeting to 25,000 people in India via Skype technology in 2018.
  • Began discipleship video ministry through social media sites with an average of 6.5 million views every month in 2017.
  • Began a new discipleship/evangelism training system through WhatsApp groups in 2019.
About Sammy Tippit Ministries

STM has been providing inspiration and help around the world for more than 50 years. Sammy Tippit, founder and president, is a world- renowned counselor, teacher and evangelist with experience serving and helping people in over 80 countries. Sammy provides materials that help people tackle a broad array of social, societal, psychological and spiritual issues. He is particularly passionate about making spiritual resources accessible to other countries around the world.

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