Sammy Tippit Ministries has developed relationships during the past forty-four years that have enabled STM to multiply the work of revival and evangelism in some of the most populated and strategic areas of the world. Sammy Tippit announced the vision for multiplying evangelists at the fortieth anniversary celebration.

STM’s first partnership was with Brazilian leaders to reach their country with the gospel. Tippit trained the first group of Brazilian evangelists in 2011. The Brazilians created a website and began training leaders on a national scale at the end of 2013. Pastor Fabricio Freitas announced that they are now training leaders using Brazil’s sign language. According to Freitas, there are more than nine million people who use sign language as their means of communication in Brazil. The Brazilians completed the videos for the training in April.

STM filmed Revival and Evangelism training for Christians in India in January 2014. A new website for the training has been completed and has been implemented to train leaders in two languages. A third language should be complete by this summer. STM has plans for other Indian languages by the end of 2014.

STM continues to reach some of the most difficult areas of the world. The Revival and Evangelism training began in Pakistan at the end of 2013. Pakistani leaders recently reported that Pakistani believers in another Islamic nation (STM is not at liberty to mention the name of the country) has gone through the training.

Sammy Tippit will travel in August to Kenya to have the Revival and Evangelism materials translated into several African languages.

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