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The India Report Pt.3

Sammy continues to bring a report of what God did through Sammy Tippit Ministries in India. The pastors were so encouraged they told Sammy – “Please come back. The message you have – the method you have – is exactly what we need.” After the pastors conference, Sammy was able to lead an evangelistic crusade […]

The Sudan Report Pt.3

Despite the government shutting down the evangelistic crusade in Khartoum, Sammy carried God’s message of love to the Christian pastors in Sudan. Because of God’s love, they were not despondent – but encouraged and strengthened to continue His work. Watch and listen as these pastors rejoice and share testimonies of hope for Sudan.

The Sudan Report Pt.2

Despite very dangerous situations in Sudan, God leads Sammy Tippit to preach an evangelistic crusade in the Sudan capital, Khartoum. After the first day of the event, government leaders shut down the crusade for fear of violence against Sammy and the others with him. What happened next is a testimony of how God is working […]

The Congo Report Pt.1

“In the war-troubled Congo, churches organized a mission of peace.” This report came from the Christian World News report. The report covered Sammy Tippit’s time in the Congo, which changed thousands of lives.

The Eastern Europe Report Pt. 4

In Moldova where Sammy faced a difficult crowd as he preached, God brought about a spiritual breakthrough using one poor, peasant woman. Listen as Sammy concludes the Eastern Europe report telling us of the amazing things that God did in Russia at that time.

The Eastern Europe Report Pt.3

At the conclusion of part two of the Eastern Europe Report, Sammy noted that he was called into Russia to bring the news of God’s love there – just as he had brought it into Romania. But there were obstacles to overcome. Sammy had an arrest record in Russia. The Christian leaders wanted Sammy to […]

The Eastern Europe Report Pt.2

In Part two of the Eastern Europe Report, Sammy continues to be interviewed concerning the spiritual awakening that happened in Romania and Russia during 1989 – 1990. As Sammy had been called into Romania to bring the good news of God’s love, he notes the spiritual hunger in Romania and how God suddenly filled that […]

The Eastern Europe Report Pt.1

In the Eastern Europe Report, Sammy is interviewed by television newscasters. The interview covers his testimony and the involvement he had in changes that took place in Romania and Russia at that time. In part one, the conversation covers the Romanian revolution in 1989 that overthrew the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. After the revolution, Sammy Tippit […]