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Welcome to Sammy Tippit Ministries website! The purpose of this website is to help you to grow so that you can reach others for Christ and help them grow and multiply disciples. There are three areas in Run Like A Champion.
The first area is discipleship. That’s where you will learn how to run the race of life like a true champion. The second area is the “small groups” area. That’s where you can develop a small group and interact with others in your group. You will learn how to create a small group. The third area is leadership training for a small group. This will enable you to develop other leaders and multiply disciples.
The website is a multiplying disciples of Jesus resource, one that helps you to reach others for Christ and help them to grow so that they can also reach others. The goal of the website is to enable the multiplication of disciples.
You’ll find a large variety of spiritual resources. Every day there will be a video and text devotion to help you grow in your faith. Leadership training and small group training accompanies the discipleship resources. One of the unique features is that there’s one month during the year in which we provide training that will help you share Christ with those you love most. Then, we have built an evangelistic event into the site.
We, also, have some other resources. We have some of my books that you can purchase if you would like to learn more. There’s also podcasts that we’ve created for you. You will find many spiritual resources to help you grow in Christ. If you would like to know more about us, there’s information that you will find. However, that’s not the purpose of this website. We want to partner with you – to help you to grow and become what God wants you to become.
God bless you. We pray that these resources will be a great blessing for you. We look forward to seeing how God uses them in your life. Let us hear from you. We would love to hear how God has blessed and helped you to run like a champion.

Sammy Tippit

About Sammy Tippit Ministries

STM has been providing inspiration and help around the world for nearly 50 years. Sammy Tippit, founder and president, is a world renowned counselor, teacher and evangelist with experience serving and helping people in over 80 countries. Sammy provides materials that help people tackle a broad array of social, societal, psychological and spiritual issues. He is particularly passionate about making materials accessible to other countries around the world. Sammy is married to Debara “Tex” Tippit, and they have two children and five grandchildren.
Sammy Tippit Ministries is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.
Contact: info@sammytippit.org

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