Below are the invaluable staff members that Sammy Tippit Ministries is blessed to work with.

Agneta Minea

STM Bookkeeper

Agneta is originally form Romania. She maintains all the financial books for STM. She insures the financials operate efficiently and maintains a high standard of integrity.

Maria Hasleth

Office assistant

Maria processes all of the clerical work related to Sammy Tippit Ministries. She is also responsible for all non-digital communication for the ministry and it's supporters.

Bob Arndt

STM Media Director

Bob works part time with STM ministry coordinating all the media and video productions. He is in charge of all the operations related to various international video projects.

“Renee Barker

STM Editor / Web Manager

Renee works part time for STM assistance with researching and editing of Sammy's books. She also manages the new content which is posted on the STM website and social media.

Bethany Davis

STM Graphic Designer

Bethany works part time with Sammy Tippit Ministries as a graphic designer. She creates all the graphic images STM uses for the website and its various social media platforms.

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