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The 13-Day Prayer Challenge

Mobilizing Christians to pray the Model Prayer

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When you accept the Prayer Challenge, you will receive a dramatic monologue video for 13 days. Each of these videos is built on one of the phrases that Jesus taught His disciples in the Model Prayer. These videos will help you to pray effectively and with assurance that God will grant your requests because we know that God will answer the petitions that Jesus taught us to bring to the Father.

You will no longer just pray the Model Prayer from rote memory but with your entire being. These monologues will engage the whole heart (mind, emotions, and will). A link for each video will be sent every day to those taking the challenge. The email will also contain helpful tips on praying the truth (Biblical phrase) for that day.

When you sign up to take The Prayer Challenge, you will immediately receive a section of a book on prayer by Pastor Bill Elliff, whose church has experienced revival. Once you have completed the challenge, you also receive a chapter from Sammy Tippit’s book, Praying for Your Family. There’s no cost to participate in the challenge. We believe that unified prayer is the greatest need of the hour. Our only desire is to see Christ’s kingdom, the Holy Spirit’s power, and the Father’s glory among us!

When you take the challenge, you can help propel a prayer movement that will make a difference in our world! Sign up TODAY to receive your section of Pastor Bill Elliff’s book. You will then begin receiving the Prayer Challenge videos on August 22.

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