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The Iran Report Pt.1

“I want to share with you a story of what’s happened in the past ten years in the nation of Iran – how God is moving and working – and it all began with prayer.  The story I’m going to tell you is a story of prayer.” — Sammy Tippit This report is an update […]

The Burundi Report Pt.1

In July of 1998, Sammy Tippit had plans to speak at an evangelistic crusade in Burundi.  At that time, Burundi was in a state of turmoil as various tribes built animosities toward one another. Sammy's coordinator from the US, who was in Burundi became very sick and had to be flown out of the country. [...]

Prayer changes a nation

Hear the first hand account of the revolution that transpired in Romania by Sammy Tippit. He tells the story of what he calls one of the great miracles of the 20th century. You will be inspired to pray for your nation.


Endurance – The place where determination, encouragement, and Godís strength meet. A 30 year old dream was revived in Sammy Tippitís heart after his diagnosis with prostate cancer ñ to run the original Greek marathon. There are scenes from this ancient marathon in which Tippit participated. You see live footage of the race and his […]

Endurance Kenyan Style

Sammy investigates the secrets of the great Kenyan marathon runners. Through this exploration of Kenyan running culture he learns of a spiritual principle that is vital to a person’s spiritual growth and maturity. We pray you will be inspired by this counter-cultural message of truth illustrated through running, Kenyan style.

Renewal in Africa Pt.2

In this final part, Peter Kasarivu (president of African Renewal Ministries) and Sammy continue to discuss renewal in Africa. They recall going into Rwanda in 1995 together and experiencing the difficult times encountered during that situation. Often, this is how God brings people to Himself – often through the most difficult circumstances and times of […]

The India Report Pt.3

Sammy continues to bring a report of what God did through Sammy Tippit Ministries in India. The pastors were so encouraged they told Sammy – “Please come back. The message you have – the method you have – is exactly what we need.” After the pastors conference, Sammy was able to lead an evangelistic crusade […]

The Sudan Report Pt.3

Despite the government shutting down the evangelistic crusade in Khartoum, Sammy carried God’s message of love to the Christian pastors in Sudan. Because of God’s love, they were not despondent – but encouraged and strengthened to continue His work. Watch and listen as these pastors rejoice and share testimonies of hope for Sudan.