STM has two ways that you can contribute electronically.  Giving electronically takes less of your time and takes less of the STM accounting departments time.   You also get to save the cost of a stamp and if you set up a reoccurring monthly gift, it sa... read more

North & South India Outreach

India is a beautiful mystery of a country that has captured many people’s hearts and imaginations. It is the largest democracy in the world, yet is still in the paradoxical process of forming into what it is destined to become. God has called Sammy to m... read more

Uganda Discipleship Project

Dave Tippit established Eternal Concepts eighteen years ago as a discipleship ministry under the STM umbrella of ministries. Eternal Concepts is a discipleship ministry, which has ministered in dozens of countries to thousands of college students around t... read more

Brazilian Evangelism Outreach

Sammy has been ministering in the nation of Brazil for over two decades. He has preached at dozens of evangelistic outreaches during this two decades and God has brought thousands into His kingdom through these outreaches. God opened the doors for him to ... read more

Next Gen African Kids Camps

Family is an important part of God’s master plan for humanity. It also has been an integral part of what Sammy Tippit Ministries is all about. This is why the family section of the STM website has been established to provide families with resources to g... read more

East African Evangelist Training

Sammy is producing video and written materials to train leaders in Revival and Evangelism. STM presently has produced materials in Urdu (major language in Pakistan), two Indian languages, Portuguese, and English. He believes a new generation needs to be r... read more

Twice A Slave

This month, Twice a Slave, a novel I wrote along with Randy Willis will be coming out in bookstores. I want to spend many months to come exploring and expounding on this work of fiction. When the son of a Cherokee slave determines to find his purpose and ... read more

The Surrendered Life

A friend of mine once asked a Christian leader from Romania why the church in the Western world had lost its power with God and with man. The Romanian Christian leader answered with what I believe is one of the great root problems within the church. He fi... read more

The Paradox Of Family

 “The promise of paradox is the promise that apparent opposites – like order and disorder – can cohere in our lives, the promise that if we replace either-or with both-and, our lives will become larger and more filled with light.” Parker Palmer F... read more