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A Request for Help ― Endorsements

Dear Friend of Sammy Tippit Ministries,

As chairman of the STM board, I come to you today with an unusual but specific request for your help. As you likely well know, our beloved friend Sammy has believed from the beginning of his ministry more than fifty years ago that he should never overtly ask for financial support. Thus, in the many decades my fellow board members and I have served him, we have acceded to his wishes in this and have seen God bless him and his worldwide ministry in miraculous ways through you. Sammy tells you what’s going on, and as the Lord touches your heart, you give. We all remain eternally grateful for that.

Only once in our history did we urge Sammy to allow us to step outside his comfort zone and inform you of how you could help with a specific need. That was several years ago when an unscrupulous travel agent absconded with significant ministry funds, threatening the viability of a long-planned strategic international evangelistic effort. We needed those funds replaced and fast, and so we came to you in desperation, asking that you follow the Lord’s leading and, if possible, follow His leading in however you could help.

Your immediate and miraculous response so overwhelmed us that the memory of that great outpouring remains a treasured memory often raised in our board meetings.

Well, here we are again, believing that God wants us to make you aware of a huge need considering what we all believe is a mighty opportunity. A few years ago, the Lord laid on Sammy’s heart an innovative technological approach to discipleship that would multiply his ministry and reproduce men and women to carry on his worldwide ministry long beyond Sammy’s and the board’s years left on earth.

With our enthusiastic approval and blessing, Sammy immediately set about designing what he called the Digital Bible Institute, and simply, here is the need it fills and what it entails…

The Remedy for a Challenge

The longstanding challenge of evangelism has been the ongoing care and growth of new believers. How can they flourish in their journey with Christ? How can local pastors be equipped to best navigate new converts’ spiritual needs? How do we keep converts from seeing their faith wither away (Matthew 13:5)?

This predicament finds its remedy in the innovative Digital Bible Institute, employing online small group studies simultaneously conducted in multiple languages.

Sammy recently told The Baptist Paper, “Small group leadership harbors the potential for an authentic revival within the local church.” Based on his own international ministry, Sammy says he’s witnessed the exponential growth of the church when prayer, evangelism, discipleship, and revival are interwoven.

So, he and a close-knit worldwide team painstakingly designed the Digital Bible Institute to focus on Jesus, saying he was driven “to amalgamate biblical, spiritual, and practical small group leadership training, fostering spiritual renewal among believers.” He adds, “What’s truly exciting about DBI is its ability to transcend geographical and linguistic boundaries in propagating the gospel and nurturing disciples.”

The DBI Details

DBI encompasses weekly online video teachings accompanied by text summaries and assignments for students. The digitalbibleinstitute.com website delineates the training components:

  • Prayer module cultivates intimate communication with God, guiding followers of Jesus to establish a daily, solitary communion with Him, imparting both biblical and practical truths.
  • An Evangelism module equips believers to share Christ effectively and delves into spiritual motivations for evangelism, the empowering force behind sharing the gospel, biblical truths, and practical training for sharing personal testimonies and engaging others in gospel conversations.
  • A Discipleship module nurtures followers of Jesus to mature and multiply as disciples, growing more Christ-like and aiding others in their growth and multiplication.
  • A Revival module imparts insights into spiritual awakening through interviews with pastors and Christian leaders who’ve undergone personal renewal and witnessed revival in their communities, alongside an exploration of biblical truths fostering revivals and spiritual awakenings throughout history.

The DBI People

Sammy and his team have thus far selected 20 video instructors, whom he calls “content masters,” leaders with proven track records in applying the teachings, include luminaries such as David Butts, chairman of the U.S. National Prayer Committee; David Bruce, vice president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association; Richard Blackaby, president of Blackaby Ministries International; and pastor Bill Elliff on revival.

We recognize the cry for substantial discipleship resources from thousands of Christians worldwide,” Sammy told The Baptist Paper. “With DBI, we not only deliver these resources but do so in multiple languages, with accountability that fortifies their relationship with Jesus and impacts their nations.

Which is where you come in.

This dynamic new online app thrilled our board when Sammy demonstrated it for us at our last meeting, and we immediately recognized its potential. Sammy envisions it multiplying exponentially to perhaps millions of participants. But it is an expensive proposition. Except for Sammy and Corey, all the work is led by volunteers, but the cost of translating the materials is exorbitant.

Testing and Training

Already beta groups have been formed all over the world and are being led by Sammy and other associates, including Corey Webb, who has been appointed director of DBI. Corey steers a small group of pastors in Africa through the prayer module. After collectively studying Lesson 8, Supplication, online, they intercede for one another, as Corey recounted to The Baptist Paper:

  • In Uganda, a pastor prayed for land to build a church after studying the module. Miraculously, the land was donated. When the pastor gathered the community for a dedication, he preached, and 13 individuals accepted Christ that day.
  • Webb and the Ugandan pastor celebrated their success over coffee, virtually—Webb in Texas and the pastor in his home—thanks to the internet.
  • Webb is among 150 Christian group leaders worldwide who have been beta testing DBI, ironing out glitches before the anticipated April release.

The training will be accessible at no cost in at least 10 languages by year-end, and its digital nature allows individuals speaking different languages to participate in the same small group.

The languages include English, Portuguese, Spanish, Farsi, Hindi, Punjabi, Nepali, Urdu, and soon Romanian and Russian, with ongoing efforts for Chinese, Luganadan, Swahili, French, Kenyarwanda, Indonesian, Telegu, and Dari translations.

An Iranian disciple, taught by Tippit, led to Christ individuals in Pakistan—speaking Urdu, Farsi, and Dari. Seeking resources for discipleship, DBI emerged as the solution, enabling him to fulfill this role without overwhelming his workload.

Making Discipling Disciples

DBI proves invaluable for U.S. individuals engaging in short-term missions internationally or in North America. Since the training is entirely online, mission volunteers can establish small groups among the people they encounter for sustained follow-up.

The online small group training extends its utility to local churches. The emphasis on small groups is deliberate, as the training is not designed for individual study, given its accountability component.

Regular engagement with Scripture, daily communion with God, and practical application of evangelistic and discipleship skills are woven into the fabric of the training.

Our goal is for someone completing the prayer module to emerge as a person of prayer,” Sammy says. “The individual finishing the evangelism module should be actively leading others to Christ. The disciple who completes the discipleship module should be engaged in discipling others.

Sammy’s ministry, since the Jesus Movement in the early 1970s, has long been on the cutting edge of technology. Even today he preaches to crowds of tens of thousands live around the world from a small studio in his San Antonio home.

“Though the world is changing rapidly,” he says, “the gospel remains unchanged and eternal. God has equipped this generation with unprecedented technological tools, if we can only exploit them for the sake of the kingdom.

Meeting the Need

I hope you can see why I come to you with this need. To fully implement DBI in April—which is our lofty goal—we need $250,000. To keep this already lengthy message as concise as possible, I won’t add the many endorsements we’ve seen from countless beneficiaries around the globe. You can read these below ― I know they will thrill your heart as they have thrilled ours.  

Above all, pray for this effort. And thank you. We so appreciate your love and support of Sammy Tippit Ministries.

Pastor Dave Engbrecht
Board of Directors
Sammy Tippit Ministries

For fellow members:
Pastor Brent Saathoff
Pastor David Walker
Jerry B. Jenkins
Ruben Fechner
Rev. Stan Key




To talk about DBi is to talk about a great dream that is being realized. It’s the dream of seeing the process of discipleship united with technology and breaks down borders. We can see through this wonderful tool that the fulfillment of the entire Great Commission is closer than we can imagine. And technologies like DBI further multiplies the proclamation of the Gospel in different languages and nations, proclaiming that only Jesus Christ saves! I praise God for the life of Pastor Sammy Tippit and for the vision of the entire Digital Bible Institute movement that has blessed Brazil in a very special way. We are grateful to God for this great tool, which is an instrument of the Lord for our growth and spiritual awakening.

Pastor Fabrício Freitas, Director of Evangelism
National Missions Board of the Brazilian Baptist Convention

I recently completed the Prayer Module, and it has once again set my heart on fire for the Lord’s presence. He has called me once again to seek His face more often and more vigorously. He led me to much repentance and tears and increased my appetite for the Great Commission. Praise be to His Name. By God’s grace I have been a pastor for 42 years, and time after time, I have failed in my primary mission of intentionally making disciples for Jesus. I’ve gotten too caught up in the structures and activities of the church, caring for thousands of people, and as a result I’ve been a very limited and disobedient disciple-maker. It has always been an honor to serve the Lord, but at the age of 71, I must return to the personal, biblical, deep, intentional and exponential discipleship that DBI helps me to do. With God’s help I want to experience a powerful revival, which I also want for the church I serve. With God’s favor we will multiply through DBI, engaging all our pastors, ministry and small group leaders in this beautiful harvest. We intend to help hundreds of pastors in our denomination. At this moment in history, we feel that the Lord is at the door and is in a hurry. In the power of the Holy Spirit, we want to play our part in the great harvest of the last days. Many thanks to everyone who makes DBI possible. To God be the glory!

Pr. Gilson Breder, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church of Campo Grande/MS. Brazil.

I am so impressed with the testimonies I’ve received from our people about how DBI is making an impact on their personal relationship with Christ and their Biblical knowledge. I use DBI to help pastors and other leaders grow in their faith and make disciples. I have disciples in the United States, Romania, and some other countries in Europe. I’m using this not only as a tool for spiritual growth but also for evangelism.

Pastor Nelu Urs
Vice President of Global Impact Network Ministries
Senior Pastor of Hickory Romanian Baptist Church
Hickory, North Carolina USA

I’m profoundly thankful for Digital Bible Institute. Throughout my lifelong journey with first-generation Christians and pastors, this platform has become a beacon, empowering our leaders, church members, and new believers to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Forming small groups creates a helpful layer, producing engagement among believers. Many who’ve joined are deeply grateful for the impact it has already made in their lives. I am filled with gratitude to God for this invaluable platform.

Bachitter Singh, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church of Abohar, India
Director of Church Planting and Evangelism and Discipleship for the
Northwest India Baptist Association
Punjab, India

I am extremely excited about the DBI Discipleship program because I have a heart of studying and discipling others. I have been able to introduce others from my country to join the discipleship program. What I like most is the relevance and the structure of the topics taught. It touches on the basics of a follower of Christ. We are currently laying out plans to roll out DBI training throughout Kenya.

Rev. Simon Laboso
Regional Moderator and Director of Discipleship
Kenyan Baptist Convention

DBI has been great to me and my family. I have been able to learn the word in a deeper level, not just myself but with others. The group setting is very encouraging and a great way for accountability. I love how we can do life together even when we are in different locations. DBI is great resource for any type of ministry, and I highly encourage that churches will jump on this to help other reach their maximum potential in ministry.

Omar Rivera, Lead Pastor
Grace Life Church, Texas USA

The Digital Bible Institute is truly one of God’s blessings. The Lord led me to understand the great necessity of discipleship in our ministry, but coming from a church without a discipleship program, it had been hard for me to start and continue one in our church. DBI gave me the necessary tool not only to disciple our people in the church but also to train them to become what the Lord wills for all His children – to become disciple makers themselves. Thank God and glory to His Name for DBI. Thank you, Pastor Sam, and everyone in DBI for being a blessing to God’s people.

Pastor Jofrem Ortaliz
Grace Baptist Church
Makati City Manila, Philippines

While watching the lesson on God’s Leadership, it landed inside me like fire and rekindled my spiritual life. I loved the introductory part where it said that “prayer is an adventure.” The teacher kept emphasizing the importance of the prayer life. Before then, I was weak spiritually, even committing sins intentionally as a pastor. I was really going through a lot of challenges. I prayed, but not as I once had. Then, having listened to the message, my spiritual life came alive. The Digital Bible Institute (DBI) is a platform that I call “a platform of Encounter.” To God alone be praise! I’m blessed, and I will be forever grateful to God for the DBI platform. I am organizing eight DBI Centers for people to gather once a week in Sierra Leone, Giana, and Libera as a way to evangelize and disciple local communities. Shalom!

Pastor Excel, Chaplain and Military Major
Sierra Leone, Africa

I thank God for the great opportunity to be part of the Digital Bible Institute. The knowledge which I gained proved to be so helpful to my ministry. The instructors were helpful and informative in interacting with me. After the Prayer and Evangelism Modules study, I started practical training at our Church. I also organized grief groups at my congregation and conduct prayer meetings. My experience with Digital Bible Institute has impacted my education, and it has impacted my heart. I am leaving with a more profound knowledge of God, His working power, and His plan throughout history for our salvation. I grow as a disciple through reading, learning, and applying the word of God. I would recommend Digital Bible Institute to anyone who wants to further develop his or her ministry skills. Digital Bible Institute materials are interesting and relevant to ministry. If you are ready to add some tools to make your ministry more effective, I would recommend the Digital Bible Institute program to all pastors and Christian leaders.

Jules Wazeng, Senior Pastor
Eglise Evangélique Bethel in Lubumbashi Town,
Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa

I fully and whole heartedly support and endorse the Digital Bible Institute (DBI). After reviewing its structure and content, I am convinced that DBI will be a very effective platform in discipling new believers in orderly and progressive manner in 4 most important topics of Prayer, Evangelism, Discipleship, and Revival. This platform can reach and nurture many nations and, in many languages, to grow in their faith in Christ. I am personally partnering with Sammy Tippit Ministries in the Farsi and Dari platform. We are also looking to implement this program in our prison ministry.

Ed Saleh, Acts 13 Ministries
Toronto, Canada

The Digital Bible Institute has been a great blessing to me as it has deepened my prayer life significantly. I have developed a habit of prayer since joining DBI, and as a group leader, I’ve led several young men from my church to join. We are experiencing a revival in our personal lives and within the church. Thank you very much, and God bless you.

Kulwant Singh Sandhu Lead Pastor
Khushkhabri Presbyterian Church
Gidderbaha, India

The Digital Bible Institute is a remarkable way to spread the Gospel and make disciples. We made a legacy decision as a church to gift the financial resources to get this translated into another language. We love being able to partner with DBI to reach seekers and build believers for the Kingdom of God.

Wil Deahl, Lead Pastor
Crosspoint Fellowship Church
Schertz, Texas USA

After going through Prayer Module in DBI on a daily basis, my prayer life changed because I came to understand prayer as a conversational love relationship with our loving heavenly Father. Also, I learned how to nurture that relationship everyday where I had to select a place and time to meet God and have that conversation in love. I understand prayer as heart-to-heart conversation – the heart of a believer and the heart of God, the creator. There is so much that I can say about DBI. I have committed myself to use DBI in my Discipleship Ministry called True Fellowship Foundation. It is a good tool that all believers need. Next year, I am going to use it across Rwanda as the main tool in my new vision of making disciples.

Rev. Theodore Uwiragiye, Lead Pastor
Evangelical Friends Church
Kamembe, Rwanda, Africa

I highly recommend the Digital Bible Institute for its comprehensive and accessible biblical training materials. The online courses are user-friendly and suitable for all levels of understanding. Whether you’re a new believer or a seasoned pastor, these lectures will help you grow in your faith as well as deepen your knowledge of the Bible.

Paul Masih
Director Northwest India Baptist Association – Punjab, India
Executive Director of Uttermost International
East Peoria, Illinois USA

My spiritual life has changed so much in the way of prayer, evangelism, and discipleship. When it comes to family, I have been sharing my lessons with my family and now my wife has joined the evangelism team. When it comes to ministry, we have made many advancements. In our Sunday school, we study DBI lessons with the guidance of our teacher, Pastor Corey Webb. Through zoom technologies, Pastor Corey has been meeting our groups that we created and his such a competent person to continue teaching us until we finish our lessons.

Pastor and Medical Doctor Charles Kisekwa
Uganda, Africa

Watch this video created in May 2023 that explains the Digital Bible Institute


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